Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Can't forget this puppy...

The six or seven 07 vintage Cayuse wines I've drank thus far seem to be a bit more restrained with hints of elegance creeping in. I'm diggin' on these!

2007 Cayuse Impulsivo
Decanted for an hour...and boy did it need that hour to strut its stuff. Fairly closed at first so we decided to leave it in the decanter for an hour with aggressive swirling about every ten minutes. When it finally decided to reveal itself, boy did it ever in a hurry (kind of like when you get home from a date and you are sitting on the couch chatting with your fine lady, you excuse yourself to the bathroom, return and find her laid out in all her glory on the couch--from zero to shablam in about 30 seconds!). A pleasantly restrained funky nose gave way to ripe fruit, dark chocolate goodness, and noticeable woodsmoke. Much more on the elegant side than the primal side. More ripe fruit on the palate, specifically blackberries and plums, interwoven nicely with polished tannins and dare I say, judicious oak. All the components seemed to be very well harmonized. Much more lush and forward than the carnivorous and savory 06. This wine was a lithe, sexy, sultry, seamless beauty. 95 pts.

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