Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Three kickin' wines on a Friday night...

This was quite a trio of grape juice. The Sleight of Hand Enchantress impressed me with it's minerality and Chablis-ness the first time, but knocked me on the floor this time. Unfortunate that Trey didn't have the opportunity to make more and inexcusable that there will be no 08! The Cayuse En chamberlin was, well, Cayuse. Hands down my favorite producer in the world, universe, galaxy, and beyond. Not a wine for the faint of heart, but for those of us who dig it--not a more interesting or unique wine found anywhere. Batting third was Saxum and it certainly didn't disappoint. Solidified its spot as my second favorite producer and after drinking my first SQN red this past weekend, an equal wine for a third the cashola. On to the notes...

2007 Sleight of Hand Chardonnay The Enchantress
Popped and poured. This wine has certainly grown and become more integrated even in the four short months since the last time I drank one. Bright yellow, accented with a slight green hue, this wine begs for you to take a sniff. Once that occurs--you are hit with apples, unripe pears, hints of spicy oak, cinnamon, stones, and citrus. Brighter acidity than I remember, as the weight of the oak has dissipated for the most part leaving behind a fresher palate characterized by lemon/lime, white flowers, steel, and a nice dose of minerality. The freshness continues on the finish as a heathly acidic cut plays well with the baked apple. Sadly, I only have one bottle of this left. Time for Trey to dip into the personal stash! 92pts.

2004 Cayuse Syrah En Chamberlin Vineyard
Essentially popped and poured. There was a time when I thought the odd number years of the En Chamberlin were kickin' ass and taking names and now after drinking both the 06 and 04 recently, we seem to have a legitimate fight on our hands. Grimace purple (yes, as in the Mickey D's dude), this wine needs no introducion. The aromas of this wine I've chronicled numerous times in the past so I won't bore you with the details other than to say if you enjoy sticking your nose deep into a pot of provencal stew, then you will certainly love the smell of this wine. When you finally gather the nerve to take a taste, your mouth is reminded why one aspect of being a human is so great--the thirst for blood and meat. You feel like a caveman squating on a boulder digging into a nicely cooked leg of some animal. An Ivy League educated caveman, mind you, as this wine gives you plenty to think about. Not for the wine drinker who just enjoys plush, ripe fruit but for the adventurous wine drinker who searches out both the savory qualities of meat, blood, and vegetables as well as the sweet-tooth satisfying berries. When you finally swallow this beast, then hunt is on for a piece of wood to pick all of the meat out of your teeth as this wine builds a fire and plans on staying the entire night. 97pts.

2006 Saxum James Berry Vineyard
Another winner from Justin at Saxum. Double decanted this as there seems to be much scuttlebutt on whether this is even ready to drink. My second go'round with this wine and it has developed nicely. Typical Saxum profile of very ripe fruit counterbalanced with alcohol and tannin. Much more depth than the bottle I consumed upon release in December. Concentrated fruit, five spice, and some bacon to go along with noticable alcohol (not too much--for me, at least), and seamless tannins. Sorry the notes aren't more detailed but it was the third bottle consumed and my note taking ability had been compromised. 94pts.