Tuesday, June 9, 2009

TN's: Two from Sleight of Hand

In honor of owner/winemaker Trey Busch, I've decided to rename these two wines after Pearl Jam songs as he is a big fan (understatement of the century). The rose I will dub "Glorified G" as I felt like a stone cold pimp strolling the neighborhood with my 1 1/2 year old daughter, Kate, drinking it out of a stemless showing the neighbors my Riedel "O" face. The chardonnay I'll rename "Alive" as that's the effect it had on my mouth, no New World chardonnay creamed butter here.

2008 Sleight of Hand "Glorified G" Cab Franc Rose
Another winner winner chicken dinner from Trey. I'd call him the "King of Rose" but I'm afraid any self-respecting winemaker may take that as a backhanded compliment. Sorry Trey! Served virtually ice cold at the outset. Ruby red color with aromas of spice, red fruits, a little watermelon, and baked rhubard. Sharp and tart at first, it eventually gives way to strawberry coulis and spiced watermelon. A Full mouthfeel, bright acidity, and lip smacking finish deliver another first rate rose from SofH. My mother, who is never impressed with rose, thought this was spectacular and actually wanted to Rock, Paper, Scissor for the last glass. Paper beats rock, mom! 90pts

2007 Sleight of Hand "Alive" Chardonnay
After my buddy Travis came back from Walla Walla saying the best wine he had tasted was a chardonnay, let's just say I was skeptical. After he told me it was made by Trey at SofH, I was certainly intrigued. Intrigued enough to buy three bottles. No need for an AMC gift card as New World-y buttered popcorn is not on the menu. Nice yellow hue followed by a nose of granite, green apple, crushed pear, and hints of spicy oak. I think the nose would hold its own again some PC's from Chablis. A subtle acidic punch from some lemon flavors gives way to a mouthful of more apples, pears, and baking spice and a full finish. I love the Old World feel this chardonnay possesses and with some more time, I think some more complexity will certainly develop. I can't wait. 90pts

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