Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A damn fine WA State Cabernet

I can't tell you how fortunate wine life can be sometimes. It never fails to happen at least once a year. You are innocently combing your cellar for a specific bottle (this day it was a 2004 Cadence Ciel du Cheval) and you suddenly come across a bottle that you forgot you had. This bottle for me was the 2004 Boudreaux Cellars Cab. I bought this bottle about 2 years ago after seeing Gary V rave about it on Winelibrary TV. I had seen Rob Newsom's wine around town but $50 is a lot to plunk down for a wine you know nothing about. Luckily, I came across that review and decided to take the plunge. Freakin' fantastic wine. I'm on the lookout for more as we speak!

2004 Boudreaux Cellas Cabernet Sauvignon
Opened about 30 minutes before gulping it down. I was shocked at how blood red this wine is, not blue/purple at all like Quilceda. Buttloads of red fruit on the nose--pomegranate, cassis, and cherries along with camphor, red licorice, and my favorite of all, sweat. That's right, sweat. Not in a SEC 300lb. defensive lineman kind of way but in a Megan Fox just ran the treadmill and broke a sweat kind of way. Lush and smooth in the mouth without ever being fleshy. Loaded with red fruits and raspberry liqueur showing great mouth density but never venturing toward excess weight. This wine was so balanced with lip smacking acidity paired with the red fruit sweetness with no signs of tannin, tartness, or oak. It was so suave and polished that I'm surprised the label isn't in the shape of an Armani tuxedo. Damn good. 95pts.

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