Friday, March 27, 2009

TN: 2003 Gorman Winery Cabernet Sauvignon The Bully

The 5th bottle of the inaugural vintage of "The Bully" for me and by the far most disappointing. Everything seems kosher on the nose as it exhibits some typical cab-ness...cassis liqueur, hints of spicy oak, and black cherries. It lost me on the palate so fast I thought I was back in Rome drunk on the metro at 2am. For me, there can certainly be good herbaceous (Cayuse Camaspelo as an example) but this went straight to the dark side, my lord. There was so much eucalyptus in my mouth that I felt like Fuzzy the koala wondering if these damn humans were going to feed me anything else. This taste detracted so much from the wine that I (yes, a greedy little wino) couldn't even attempt to finish the bottle. Luckily, my less discriminating friend was there to lap up the rest of the bottle. 84pts.

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