Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Free 2006 Bionic Frog!

One of the true pleasures in this world is drinking someone else's Bionic Frog so you don't have to lessen your own personal stash by one. Thanks Dad, and thanks to the sucker who let this go for $85 at silent auction! Deep purple with ruby red edges, this wine exuded Cayuse class from the get go. Now Cayuse class may be different from the dictionary definition of class, i.e. Sophia Loren or Jackie O. Cayuse class is down and dirty. Intial aromas of crumbled earth, smoked meat, picked fennel, some black raspberry, and a heavy dose of minerality. Christophe's wines are starting to show such a depth of minerality that I now believe we need to add another element to the periodic table--Cayusium--with the symbol Fg for f*@king good. Not quite as intense as the 03 I had recently, but maybe a touch more complex. Sweet layers of dark fruit interwoven with briny olives, soy, umami, pepper, and even more minerality. The balance this wine achieves with sweet vs. savory is bordering on genius. No noticeable oak or tannin on the back end allows the finish of brown spices and blueberries to linger on your palate for minutes. Free Bionic Frog rocks. Dad, let's open that 05 this weekend! 97pts.

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