Thursday, September 10, 2009

TN: Two K Vintners and a Frenchie

Sorry it has been so long since my last post. I won't delude myself into thinking you care why it has been so to the wines!

2004 Chateau Leoville Barton
Was excited to give this wine a go as I've dubbed 2004 my vintage of the century (the only bordeaux vintage I can afford!). Actually thought this was a bit corked/off at first as it gave off a distinct aroma of must. That eventually blew off after ten minutes or so and left plums, mocha, and green pepper in its wake. Definite herbal edge that just didn't quite work for me. Distracted me from the nice tight core of currants and black cherries that were quite good. A slightly harsh, tannic finish led me to believe this wine just needs a few more years to settle in before it reveals its elegance. 89pts.

2005 K Vintners The Deal Syrah
This wine took me a bit by surprise. A friend had effused its virtue to me for 6 months before I gave in and drank one with him. I've always had more hits than misses with K Vintners but the misses always seem to lurk more prominent in your mind. Enough babbling from me, on to the wine. Gorgeous deep ruby purple color dominated by whiffs of blackberries and dark cherries on the nose seemingly daring you to snort it. After some seriously concerted swirling, woodsmoke and a distant minerality could be picked up. The palate mirrors the nose with extracted blackberries taking center stage but reigned in by herbs and a little bit of bacon. No real tannins to speak of, just lush streamlined fruit that left a hefty yet delicious finish. 92 pts.

2006 K Vintners The Boy Grenache
Second great bottle in a row from Charles Smith and K Vintners. Tasty bottle of grenache (94% grenache/6% syrah) made from grapes grown in Cayuse's Armada Vineyard which certainly should do Christophe proud. A touch more red than purple in the glass, the first aromas of cherry liqueur, asphalt, and strawberries fill your nose with anticipation. After about ten minutes, some CdP nuances appear. Roasted fruit, chocolate, even some pork. Sweet and lush in the mouth with berry pie and one of Armada's trademarks, underbrush. This wine was a bit more feminine than masculine with silky tannins and an understated, ripe finish. Terrific bottle of wine. 93 pts.

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